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We have been established for half a decade.  We have won and continue to win National and International awards.  We are authorised by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) and produce a complete range of pharmaceutical  compliant products. We are the premier supplier of CBD products in the United Kingdom by virtue of being the only manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor to produce a complete range of Wellness, Health, Beauty & Spirit Beverages. We have no like-for-like direct competitor and as such, we are the UK’s complete supplier of CBD products.


This is a unique opportunity to earn a significant annual income with secured long-term repetitive revenues from both the B2B and B2C business communities which is unique in itself. Based on half a decade of experience combined with our award winning products, Aqua Sativa will provide you with the necessary building blocks to create multiple income streams from both the Retail and Wholesale sectors.
The pure scope of the company’s products provides selling and marketing opportunities to a multitude of established industries and businesses. With no stocking requirements and operating on average Mark-Up percentages of 157% and average Gross Profit Margins of 56% this business opportunity offers the perfect platform to create an immediate income with long term revenues.


We now wish to bring our award-winning products to a wider audience and are looking to appoint several leading DISTRIBUTORS throughout the United Kingdom to assist us in developing the necessary building blocks to launch a National Distribution Network. This is a unique opportunity to become involved at the ground level of a new initiative, backed by award winning products with half a decade of marketing and sales experience.
All Distributors will receive a comprehensive selection of the companies products (555 items in total) to the RRP value of £20,000. In short, out Distributors package has been designed to create a Zero risk investment, with huge long term repetitive income.

Market Growth & Potential

Data has shown that the UK’s CBD market has surpassed all previous expectations. For example, in 2021 the CBD market was worth £690 million, where only a few years earlier it had been estimated to be worth £526 million (that’s a 31% increase). It’s now forecasted that the UK CBD market could reach £1 billion by 2025.
Available Locations
United Kingdom and Ireland
Business Type
Distributor B2B & B2C
Minimum Investment
Training Provided
  • Work From Home
  • Work Mon-Fri
  • Part-Time
  • Work Flexibly
  • Low Cost
  • Full Time
  • Stay At Home Parents
Additional Benefits
  • Comprehensive selection of stock to the RRP value of £20,000
  • Free samples of all the companies products
  • Funded Social Media Campaign
  • Override commission on future Distributor appointments


  • Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Wine Bars & Brasseries
  • Off-Licenses and Corner Stores
  • High Street Accessory, Gifts & Speciality Shops
  • Vegetarian & Vegan retail outlets and restaurants
  • Wellness & Spa Centres
  • Health Centres & Gyms
  • Beauty Centres & Hair Salons
  • Pharmacy’s & Health Care Outlets
  • Farm Shops, Deli’s & Country Fairs
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • On-Line Sales (All sales processed through the Aqua Sativa website will be credited to each Master Distributor based on Pre-Agreed Postal Codes)


  • No stock requirements
  • No Fulfilment requirements
  • It does not matter where you live
  • Work from Home
  • You don’t need business experience
  • You don’t need tech skills No requirement to build your own website, we have done that for you.  Multiple images, knowledge, experience and technical support are ready and waiting at the tap of a button”
  • Generate a repetitive annual income
  • Average ‘Gross Profit Margins’ of 56%
  • Average ‘Mark-Up Percentages’ of 157%
  • Start earning immediately

Interested?  please contact us!

Feel free to fill in our form below or email us at We look forward to working with you.
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Aqua Sativa encourages responsible drinking.
It is safest not to drink alcohol when pregnant.
Formerly trading as Strangeways Beers and Spirits
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